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Sustainable creativity 

for sustainable growth.

It’s freezing cold. There’s no oxygen. And it takes 6 to 9 months to get there. Nevertheless, a growing number of people is dreaming about a life on Mars. We are not. We are happy right where we are. That’s why we dedicate our creativity to brands and companies that are willing to build a better future here. For us and generations to come.

We are a multidisciplinary creative agency that helps brands to do good and perform better. We create strategy, ideation, branding and campaigning to transform a brand’s purpose into action and to inspire its stakeholders to change their behavior and to pay it forward. We call it: Sustainable creativity for sustainable growth.

Turning purpose

into action.

Based On A True Story is a creative agency that helps brands and companies to develop, integrate and activate its purpose. Our work is focused on transforming purpose into action by making a brand’s positive impact on society tangible in all touchpoints. Inside the organization, by creating a positive workspace culture, and outside the organization, by creating meaningful customer experiences that contribute to the greater value of the brand.


We place the brand’s purpose at the heart of our creative process to develop a proposition that provides direction to all brand manifestations (consistency) and resonates with all the different stakeholders (transparency). Consistency is key to become a recognizable and trustworthy brand. Transparency unites employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, distributors, business partners and authorities into one community, inspiring them to change their behavior and to pay it forward.


We create high-end productions, campagins and brand experiences for all media and touchpoints, but we also generate ideas for new products and how to engage new markets. Our tagline 'Sustainable creativity for sustainable growth' means we use our imagination and our creative skills to transform brands, drive businesses and improve people’s lives in a sustainable way. 


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