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The idea behind Return to Sender is as simple as it is beautiful.

Return to Sender is a charity organization that sells handcrafted products through their e-store - created by women in the poorest regions of the world. The revenue goes directly 'return to sender' to improve the wages and living conditions of the makers and their families. Return to Sender was founded in 2006 by actress Katja Schuurman, but daily management was held by Baukje de Nekker en Marijtje Ophof. When we met them, they were struggling with their campaigning as well as with their visual identity and the way their products were portrayed. Based On A True Story developed a new purpose, a new campaign and a new visual style for their product portfolio. 

The brand's purpose

Something for you means everything to her.

The brand's purpose manifest

The idea is as simple as it is beautiful. We sell handcrafted products by women in the poorest regions of the world to help them make a living for themselves and their families. Our revenue goes directly ‘Return to Sender’ which contributes to better wages and better working conditions. That's why you are so important to us. Thanks to you, thousands of women have been able to make the step towards a better life. But we're not there yet. There are more women who need our support. Feel free to order whatever you like, even if it's something small. On behalf of all the women behind Return to Sender, thank you. 

Something for you means everything to her

The brand's purpose at work

Website banner 1 Return to Sender 2019.j

The brand's campaign

Your purchase ultimately results in a job and living wages for the woman who has created it, enabling her to make a step towards a better life. This notion led to a campaignable idea: every product bought by you, equals a job for her.

Website banner 2 Return to Sender 2019.j

Brand presence at fairs


The brand's photography

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