Oilily feels right at home in the melting pot of ethnic diversity.

Fashion brand Oilily has always been about color. In a literal sense, by fusing together contrasting colors and eye-catching patterns into a unique lifestyle, as well as figuratively, by taking inspiration from arts and cultures around the world. The sudden and massive increase in refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan arriving in the European Union in 2015, sparked the idea to celebrate ethnic diversity with a multi-cultural 2016 winter collection. It was a counter-reaction to the widespread skepticism against the reception of refugees in European countries. The design theme we developed stood up for our cultural differences and expressed the brand's appreciation of people of different origins. The visual world we created - encompassing print, video, photography, pos materials and a catwalk-show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week, seamlessly merged all the different design influences and all the models with different backgrounds into one powerful statement: Different is beautiful.

The design purpose

Different is beautiful.

The design purpose manifesto

The world keeps getting smaller. We meet people from other cultures and countries daily. People with a different perspective of the world. With different traditions, different styles, different colors and different preferences. Oilily feels right at home in this melting pot of ethnic diversity. It stimulates not just the designer in us, but the human being as well. It's a privilege to discover a heavenly dish, beautiful music or an inspiring art form from another part of the world. Our lifeblood comes from everyone who brings cultural vitality to our neighbourhood, our country, our world. Different is beautiful.  

'Different is beautiful' for women

Collection photography

The catalogue 

The AFW 'Different is beautiful' fashion show

'Different is beautiful' for children

Collection photography children's wear

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