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Hillside Blenders

Hillside Blenders is a new producer of spirits and beverages with low or no alcohol. Its shareholders approached us for the development of the company's purpose and visual identity. When they started dreaming out loud, they pointed out that they took their inspiration from their travels across the world. After a few brand strategy development sessions it appeared they intended to create healthy spirits inspired by places and cultures where they felt at home. Their ultimate goal was to unite people with different backgrounds to indulge in a moment of pleasure. We've created their purpose, their company logo and their visual identity.

The company's purpose

Making the world smaller by mixing cultures

The purpose manifesto

We are Hillside Blenders. Creator of refined spirits and beverages with no and low alcohol. We are inspired by people that bring color and diversity to our lives. World citizens, like us. Some of them live around the corner, others we meet on our travels. They open our eyes to new flavors and healthy ingredients. And they help us shape our sense of place in the world we live in. It’s a privilege to contribute to their positive lifestyle by creating healthy taste experiences that capture the essence of rich cultures and exciting places we enjoy visiting. It’s our way to bring together people from all corners of the world to celebrate the things that bind us together. That’s why we say: ‘Making the world smaller by mixing cultures.’

The company's logo

Coming soon.

The company's visual universe

Coming soon.

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